Blog Prompt #5-Commercial Advertising


I chose this as my effective advertising piece because it gets its point across with being funny and cute. It’s quite clever and I think it would make people think a bit more. It also would be useful for kids to see this because it’s imaginative and if they see the scary monster they might want to wash their hands more. This was definitely a smart way to get the message across and the bright colours really draws your eyes in. The painting on the hand is really cool too so that’s why I like it.


I chose this as my merchandise shot because I think it’s pretty effective overall. Most Nike merch pictures are really effective and make you want to buy their products and I think that’s why they’re so successful. I love the colours of these shoes and I think the photographer really captured the vibrant colours and just how nice the shoes are. You can see the iconic swoop in the shot but it’s not too overpowering like it’s all abut the swoop. It effectively shows off the colour, design, shape, and the brand sign all in one picture which is very good.


I chose this as one of my ineffective ads because of the message it portrays. Obviously this is an older ad and times have changed but there are still some sexist ads out there. The photo barely shows what brand is even being advertised, it’s mostly relying on the slogan which would be offensive to a lot of people.


This ad is ineffective to me as well because it’s about people not being able to read or write yet all it shows is a little boy peeking over the edge of something. This has nothing to do with reading or writing at all and it kind of gives off a vibe that some black kids can’t read or write. This probably wasn’t the ads intention but when that’s the only thing in the picture you get the negative message.


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